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Big Yoga Flex-Ability

March 27, 2010

Spring is here, and so many things are coming to completion.  The new book is finally available. and now I’m happy to say that I’ve got copies of the new DVD, Big Yoga Flex-Ability.

New from Big Yoga

New from Big Yoga

After I produced the first Big Yoga DVD, I realized the need for a practice that could be done in bed, on a chair, or on the floor, to help folks who are challenged by stiffness, weight or injury.  Not everybody is ready for legs-up-the-wall!  I learned it from Alexander and Integral Yoga-trained Yoga teacher, Hope Mell, and as all things Yoga develop, she learned it from Mukunda Styles, who learned it from the Bihar School in India, who learned it…well, you get my point.

The well-spring of Yoga  comes from centuries of practice, and continues to evolve.  The modern Western body isn’t much like the ancient ascetics of old.  We are beefier and more muscle-bound.  Or, we are just plain fat and out of shape.  It’s not a crime.  It’s a result of cheap, delicious  and fattening foods available everywhere, huge portions, and little time for exercise.  This new DVD is for us!  It doesn’t expect you to bend over backwards, sit like a pretzel, or stand on your head.  There is  a simple 25 minute segment of gentle stretches to tone up the muscles that support the joints, while reducing inflammation with intentional breathing.  Then there is a short segment of three rounds of the chair sun-salutation, followed by guided relaxation, pranayama, and a bonus segment of me chanting “Om Shanthi”, an ancient Sanskrit peace chant.  It will get you in a great mood, and done regularly, will get you ready for more challenging Yoga.

You don’t have to be flexible to enjoy the benefits of Yoga!

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