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Big Yoga Stress Strategies®

Chronic stress—

and the consequences to our mental and physical  health—have become a common condition of modern life.  Learn simple tools to turn off the stress response.


Tree Pose at the office


  • Low-impact stretching squeezes tension out of the muscles and builds strength and flexibility.
  • Guided relaxation re-trains the body to relax and lowers blood pressure
  • Therapeutic breathing improves concentration and mental clarity
  • Overall results:  You feel refreshed and cheeerful!  Guaranteed!

In a corporate setting, group classes improve company morale and creative problem solving.  Relaxation techniques can reduce overall HMO member visits by 50%!  We offer workshops where you don’t have to get on the floor, no sweat clothes required.  Short sessions, such as a Lunch and Learn session, can be invaluable in getting your employees back to work in a better mood.

Contact:  Stress Management coach Meera Patricia Kerr, author of Big Yoga:  A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies, and creator and producer of Stress Management  DVDs for home practice.

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